As you may have guessed, here at Get Stamped we make bespoke, custom made ink stamps or any design or type of stamp you want in the world, and we can reproduce and stamp any kind of documents.  We specialize in environmentally-friendly, oak-mounted rubber stamps that last.

We make them ourselves in our UK/USA Workshop using the very best materials and the latest in laser technology and take pride in only making the highest quality, most eco-friendly stamps available. Basically we make one thing and we make it as good as we can.

If you are after any kind of stamp not offered by the website or have any queries with regards to large orders or other special requests, check out our FAQ’s below or give us an email and we will try our best to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions
· How does the sizing work?

The size you pick corresponds to the larger dimension out of width and height. Handles are cut to measure and we can accommodate any shape. We cannot accept responsibility for inappropriately sized artwork so please consider the size you choose carefully, particularly if it contains text.

· There is a lot of white space around my image. Will you crop it?

Our standard practice is to crop the white space from around the image. If you would like us not to do this for any reason please include this instruction in the ‘order notes’ in the checkout.

· Does it come with an ink pad?

Ink pads are not included. Our full range of ink pads can be found here. We highly recommend teaming your stamp with a high quality ink pad such as those made by Tsukineko. The stamps we make are of the absolute highest quality and to realise their full potential it is vital that the ink used is also of the highest quality. That said, if you have a brand that you trust, they will of course still work.

· Do the stamps come mounted?

Our stamps come mounted on an oak handle made by us in our workshop. As we make them ourselves we can ensure the handle always fits the design. This not only looks better but also has the added bonus of improving the accuracy with which one can make an impression and also reduces the amount of ink that might find its way onto the edge of the mount.

· Can I get it quicker?

We ship the vast majority of our orders in 1-3 working days. You can help us by getting your order in in good time and supplying a high resolution clear image. Manufacturing rubber stamps is not an exact science and if extra design work is needed this can lengthen the processing time. Similarly if we need to clarify the design with you because it is not clear how the stamp should come out we can then only resume production once we receive a reply.

· How to give additional Information?

When you checkout you can write any notes in the ‘order notes’ box. We can’t pass specific delivery instructions on to the couriers so this should only pertain to the manufacturing of the stamp itself. If you are wanting extra text or design work made to the image this is actually better achieved over in our stamp designer.

· How long do ink pads last?

If properly looked after the ink pads we sell can last a very long time indeed. Somewhere around 500 – 1000 impressions. There are many factors that may affect the longevity of the ink pad not least the surface area of the stamp. For this reason we can’t give exact numbers.

· Do you do self inking stamps?

We do not currently sell self inking stamps. This is mainly due to the limited availability of acceptably eco-friendly options. We have worked hard to make a user friendly website where people may purchase a stamp to exact specifications and unfortunately this is not possible with self inking stamps as there is also very limited choice in terms of sizing.

· How are you green?

You can read more on this here. Our stamps are green in more than just colour. The green rubber used in the manufacturing of our stamps is the most eco-friendly option available. It is substantially more expensive to use this rather than the alternatives you are likely to find at many stamp stores but we are passionate about creating an environmentally friendly product and have done our best to absorb those increased costs ourselves without passing them on to our customers. We also donate to a charity so that a tree is planted for every custom stamp we sell.

· Why don’t you sell ink pads as big as the larger stamp sizes?

We offer any size stamp up to 10cm by 10cm. Good quality Ink pads are regrettably not made that large. Fortunately the standard ink pads we sell work great with stamps larger than their area due to the fact they are raised out of the bed. This allows you to easily ink up the stamp by turning the stamp upside down and dabbing over it’s surface.

· Do I need to reverse the image?

You do not need to reverse your image. You should upload the image exactly how you would like it to appear when stamped.

How much does a custom stamp cost?
The price for a custom stamp depends on the size you need. The price is set by the larger dimension out of width or height and pricing starts from £10 for a 1cm custom stamp. Bulk discounts start at only 2 stamps and they can even be different images!

Can I make my own stamp?
Absolutely! We use the latest in laser technology to engrave the stamps into natural eco-rubber which is a very expensive process only made possible through volume of orders. BUT!…the design process for our pre-designed rubber stamps starts with good old fashioned drawing and lino-cutting and we very much encourage you to get involved! It is an affordable hobby and a wonderful art form. We periodically upload tutorials and videos to our blog and encourage you to check those out.

How do I make a stamp for my logo?
Yes you can! We have a huge library of designs both customisable and non-customisable as well as two tools for creating your stamps from scratch. If you have a design ready to go you can check out our upload your own, if you’d like to start with a blank canvas check out the stamp designer. If you’d like any guidance on your logo or have any questions you can reach us