Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions on identity, travel, residence and international citizenship. Please keep in mind that the requirements may vary as per different countries and only the general questions are answered below. If you have any questions, which need clarification, please do not hesitate to Contact us

Trust is of imperative significance when getting a second passport or citizenship. You are believing us with what your identity is, your battle, your desire, and afterward moreover confiding in us with your future. It is then our job to guarantee that future for you.

The simplest path for you to establish a level of trust with us is to connect, either by email or by WhatsApp with one of our citizenship experts.

Any gatherings or discussions we have will be in finished security and in the strictest certainty, and you will be under no commitment to continue with any of our projects until your picking.

We value that such a groundbreaking undertaking as securing second citizenship takes a great deal of thought and dynamic before feeling free to set out on the cycle. We are here to tune in to the entirety of your interests or questions, and to help set your brain straight before making what will be an invigorating duty.

Much as we couldn’t want anything more than to have the option to do that, we can’t. Records is an exceptionally private issue, and much of the time, customers of our own who have gotten Documents wish to keep it all things considered. Their reasons will run from dread of removal from their unique country to worries over money related examinations concerning their seaward banking and speculations. Others want to keep their citizenship hidden for more close to home reasons. Notwithstanding, responsibility for a second visa is your issue, and yours as it were.

We have a few ardent and certified tributes included on our site, in spite of the fact that probably the supporters will have changed their names to secure their protection, which is their right.

Ask yourself this question; in the event that you were to effectively get a second passport, okay need the entire world to think about it?

There is no simple answer to this question. Rather, ask yourself: “For what reason do I need a second passport?

On the off chance that the appropriate response is to improve the nature of you and your family’s life, you have to put together your decision with respect to the near wellbeing of a nation or mainland, what dialects are spoken there, what its principles of wellbeing and training are, and how solid its economy is.

The standout decisions are the USA and Europe. With an E.U visa, you are allowed to live and work anyplace you pick inside the European Union however long you need to.

In the event that you need a second identification for movement, by and by the US and E.U travel papers are by a long shot the most ideal alternative, with access 170+ nations sans visa around the world.

Truly, our genuine records are equivalent to the reports from the specialists. We utilize similar nature of materials that the specialists use and we register all the customer’s data into the alleged information base framework and the administration will perceive the record. So the entirety of our Real archives are certified and equivalent to the administration approved reports so you will legitimately utilize the genuine records.

For us to create you another Passport, we shall trace your previous information in the system using your previous Passport number and delete all the past data and afterward register your new data for the new visa. So the other identification with the Police will have no utilization and it will simply be a phony record with them on the grounds that, with the visa, they will never follow you or follow any of your data in the framework.

When we have created you a real document, at that point all your data is enrolled in the alleged information base. So when your archive lapses, you reserve each alternative to go to the specialists of the gave Country for them to Renew your report and all that will be managed with no issues. When they check the framework and see that your data is enrolled legitimately, they will restore your report with no issues.