We are at your service 24×7. Our dedicated team, equipped with expert linguistic skills, creative minds, thoughtful approach and eagerness to convert your work of passion into work of art, works round the clock to meet your highest levels of satisfaction and remains in contact for any further discussions, clarifications, modifications, alterations and off course new assignments!

If you are having trouble with your document file, you are at the right seller! I will fix, clean up and format your document. I am also able to edit or modify your PDF document. My offered document services are listed as below:

Modifying existing PDF, JPEG and Indesign document
Word file Formatting
PDF Editing & Formatting
Adding Watermark in PDF pages
Adding text or image in existing file
Resizing page or canvas
Replacing text in image file
Splitting or Combining pages
Creating Table
Creating Form
Any type of file conversion
Fixing Page number
Positioning any object
Adding security
Adding Media to PDF
And many more!
All kind of stamps.

We do not use any proofreading software as we believe that in this arena no amount of artificial intelligence can match the magic of human intelligence & finesse!

We make your dreams come true! We do in-depth edit, we proofread, we add credibility to your work of passion, we connect your ideas exquisitely, we give a perfect artistic touch to your text, and we make your work cherished, appreciated, honored, unforgettable and loved by the world!

Legal documents
Other documents
Editing Services Include
Critical reading, polishing, refining and enhancement of manuscript.
Authentic modifications, alterations and decisions from dual side view, i.e. the point of view of both writer and audience.
Fine-tuning of content, organization and presentation.
Additional research suggestions to create better flow & clarity.
Checking of style, structure, graphics and flow of information.
Checking of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.
Checking of URL links, captions, footnotes,references, photos, tables, quotes, citations, bibliography etc.
Checking of word choice to fine tune the overall tone of the document.
Examination of the document for inconsistencies in theme, style and factual information.
Examination of the document to check copyright permissions. etc..